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UTmessan 2023

Where everything connects
3 and 4 February in Harpa
50 presentations - 10 tracks - Expo
Robots - Old computers and computer equipment - Sweepstakes and games - Electronic sports - Computer games, tournaments and streaming - Language technology - Interactive programming - Machine data mining - Science workshop - Creativity - Formula cars - HÍ Robot design contest - Computer punch cards - Experiments - Fiddling and fun – IT-Awards

Around 1100 conference guests on friday and about 7000 people stopped by in Harpa on Saturday and enjoyed the Expo

Conference day - Friday, 3 February: Conference for tech people and Expo for conference guests.
Tech day - Saturday, 4 February: Tech Day and expo open for the public.

Programme Committee:
Arnheiður Guðmundsdóttir, Managing Director, UTmessan and Ský
Linda Björk Bergsveinsdóttir, Project Manager, Ský
Jón Ingi Sveinbjörnsson, Ský
Kristjana Björk Barðdal, Ský
Snæbjörn Ingi Ingólfsson, Ský

Reykjavík University
University of Iceland