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Exhibitioner employee registration

Floorplan of the Expo- as pdf

UTmessan Iceland sponsorship opportunities

Here to the right is a list of all the companies confirmed in the exhibition area. Companies are invited to participate in Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze membership.

Harpa is extremely well suited for holding large conferences and shows, and we will have the most of Harpa's hall during the conference as well as the spacious exhibition area distributed throughout the house. 

The exhibition area on the 1st floor is in Flói and Norðurbryggja (in front of Kaldalón) 
The exhibition area on the 2nd floor is in Eyri (in front of Silfurberg). 
The level of innovation are the stairs between the 2nd and 4th floors (heading up Kolabraut). 
Hörpuhorn is on the 2nd floor in front of Eldborg. 
Here is a picture of the areas in Harpa


(Platinum members of last years UTmessa have priority in Platinum membership)

What you get:

  • 6 tickets for the UTmessan conference
  • 16 square meters (8*2 meters) floorspace in the best place in the exhibition hall in Harpa on the 1st floor
  • name and logo company marked as Platinum Sponsor
  • In a newsletter / advertisement that will be sent out at least. 2 times on the mailing list 
  • in the program brochure of the conference
  • link to your website's website UTmessan.is

What UTmessan wants from Platinum members: 

  • contributions to the conference program in a decisive way, eg in the form of a foreign lecturer on hot topics in IT
  • prominent items that attract the public to the exhibition area on Saturday
  • Broadcasting on your mailing list, such as customers 
  • one representative for co-operation with the conference preparation committee

GOLD PARTNER 450.000 KR. (3.500 EUR) - MAX. 10 (SOLD OUT) 
What you get: 

  • 4 tickets at the UTmessan conference
  • 10 square meters (5*2 meters) floorspace in the exhibition hall in Harpa on the 1st floor 
  • link to your company on the UTmessan website

SILVER PARTNER 200.000 KR. (1.500 EUR) (SOLD OUT) 
What you get:

  • 1 ticket at the UTmessan conference
  • 6 square meters (3*2 meters) floorspace in the exhibition hall in Harpa on 1st floor 
  • link to your company on the UTmessan website

What you get:

  • 1 ticket at the UTmessan conference
  • 6 square meters (3*2 meters) floorspace in the exhibition hall in Harpa on the 2nd floor 
  • link to your company on the UTmessan website

START-UP 40.000 KR. (300 EUR) (SOLD OUT)

What you get:

  • 4 square meter (2*2 meters) floorspace in the stairs up Kolabraut
  • link to your company on the UTmessan website


A 50% fee must be paid in case of cancellation before 1 January. 2019, after that, a full fee is charged unless canceled.

We ask the exhibitor to keep in mind that this is a technical show and we would like to see more being promoting and giving technical supplements instead of sweets and foods. Also, quizes and games can be rolled out. We all want the expo area to be fun. At the same time, we wish that exhibitors take into account each other and set noise and show professionalism in communication with other exhibitors. Refreshment that generate trash such as popcorn or objects that leak down would be good to avoid. Send us information if you're going to offer something fun and we'll show it on the web. NOTE: It is not allowed to have alcoholic beverages in the booths.
The expo area is open both Friday  and Saturday and is obliged to stay open for both days.

Exhibitors only get floorspace, they need to bring everything in the booths, such as chairs, tables, markings and banners. Access to electricity and wireless networks is included. You can rent a table and other parties, such as Syningarkerfi and RECON. There are also numerous print centers that print booklets and other materials in the booths.

Why become a sponsor?

A great opportunity to introduce your company, products and services to technicians and IT professionals, students in computer science and the public. This applies to all companies that are directly or indirectly dependent on information technology and independent of market areas because the purpose is to show the ICT sector.

Particular attention is given to the fact that exhibitions will have something interesting for the public on Saturday and the exhibitors are obligated to have a full presence on Friday and Saturday during the UTmessa.

UTmessan consists of a conference on the one hand and exhibition on the other. On Friday there is a conference and expo day for a conference guests.The exhibition area is open to the public on Saturday. All major computer and technology companies in the country display the latest technology and tools along with software and more related technology. UTmessan has been held from 2011 and is one of largest IT events in Iceland. UTmessan is held by Sky, The Icelandic Computer Society.