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UTmessan 2022
Where everything connects


About UTmessan

UTmessan is one of the largest IT events in Iceland. The purpose of the UTmessa is to highlight the importance of information technology and its effects on individuals, businesses and Icelandic society alike. The goal is to see a significant increase in the number of students who choose technical disciplines in universities across the country and especially in computer science. The event is a joint collaboration between Ský (The Icelandic Computer Society), The University of Iceland and Reykjavik University and tech related companies in Iceland.
UTmessan days:
The days before the Conference we have all kind of pop-up events where IT companies and schools invite people to take part in all kind of activites related to tech. 
Conference and EXPO:
The UTmessan consist of a conference for tech people and Expo for conference guests.

If you need more information you can contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

UTmessan 2021 was virtual only -  UTmessan 2011 - 2020 was in person

If you want to "feel" UTmessan event we suggest that you watch this from UTmessan 2020 - when we all where able to meet in person:  UTmessan 2020 overview 

Conference agenda 2021 Virtual Conference and virtual UTmessan week and Virtual Saturday tech day run by the schools this time
Conference programme 2020  and pictures from both days at UTmessan 2020 and all presentations here on YouTube
Conference programme 2019 and pictures from both days at UTmessan 2019 and all presentations here on YouTube
Conference programme 2018 and pictures from both days at UTmessan 2018 and all presentations here on YouTube
Conference programme 2017 and pictures from UTmessan 2017 Video and presentations are on Youtube
Conference programme 2016 and pictures from UTmessan 2016 Video and presentations are on Youtube

Conference programme 2015 and pictures from UTmessan 2015 Video and presentations are on Youtube
Conference programme 2014 and pictures from UTmessan 2014 Video and presentations are on Youtube
Conference programme 2013 and pictures from UTmessan 2013
Conference programme 2012 and pictures from UTmessan 2012 in Grand hotel
Conference programme 2011 and pictures from UTmessan 2011 in Reykjavik Universitiy and Hilton Hotel

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