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Advanced Persistent Cybercrime: High Stakes OT

OT networks and critical infrastructure have traditionally been targets of nation-states and APT groups, which are highly targeted and observed less frequently than cybercrime attacks. Due to the convergence of the threat landscape, cybercriminal organizations are now shifting focus to high stake targets in order to maximize ROI. This session will examine the current OT threat landscape when it comes to OT, specifically targeted attacks and the rise of Advanced Persistent Cybercrime through highly targeted attacks.

Derek Manky, Fortinet
Chief Security Strategist & VP Global Threat Intelligence
Ferilskrá (BIO)
Derek Manky plays a strategic and visionary role in consulting with leading CSOs/CISOs of Fortune 500 companies worldwide across multiple industries. He also collaborates with global forums and expert groups alongside leading political figures, key policy stakeholders and law enforcement, including the Cyber Threat Alliance (CTA), NATO, INTERPOL, and FIRST.