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Real World Case Studies of API Blind Spots and Security Issues, and How to Avoid Them

Join Wib's CTO and 20 year CISO Chuck Herrin for an overview of what Wib is finding in the field with real-world customers, as well as pragmatic steps to take to close these blind spots in your API ecosystem.

Chuck Herrin, Wib
Ferilskrá (BIO)
Chuck Herrin is the Chief Technology Officer at Wib Security, Ltd., a company specializing in API security. Prior to joining Wib, Mr. Herrin served as the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) for Texas Capital Bank and Athene Holdings, as well as the Head of IT Security, Risk, and Compliance for all of AIG's Consumer-facing businesses. With over 20 years of information security experience, Mr. Herrin sees the rapid adoption of APIs and microservices as both inevitable and concerning, as security programs are broadly lagging in covering this new and evolving attack surface.