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How Should You Structure Your Data Architecture? Debating the Physical v Logical Approach

We will explore the concepts around monolithic (physical) approaches to data architecture and compare these with a more logical approach. We will look at the ways each architecture can be adopted and the positives and negatives of each approach. We will also touch on the benefits of implementing a logical data fabric and data mesh powered by a logical approach.

Charles Southwood, Denodo
Regional VP, Northern Europe and MEA
Ferilskrá (BIO)
Charles Southwood, Regional VP at Denodo Technologies is responsible for the company’s business revenues in Northern Europe, Middle East and South Africa. He is passionate about working in rapidly moving and innovative markets to support customer success and to align IT solutions that meet the changing business needs. With a degree in engineering from Imperial College London, Charles has over 30 years of experience in data integration, big data, IT infrastructure/IT operations and business analytics.