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Staðsetning: Eldborg

Aðalræður (Key notes)
Fundarstjóri:  Ari Kristinn Jónsson, Háskólinn í Reykjavík
15:00-15:30 Internet Of Things Philosophy
Bas Boorsma , CISCO
 Our communities, cities, countries and companies are undergoing a process of digitization. This means that the core processes, services, products and how they they get produced and distributed are being challenged and get redefined at the most rudimentary level. At the heart of this revolution lies the Internet of Everything, the ultimate disrupter. What are the technology changes that are currently making their impact felt, and what new technological trends should we look out for? How is the Internet of Everything evolving across sectors and verticals? How does it impact our cities? What are the key challenges? How can we all prepare and best leverage the internet of everything and the underlying organizational principle, the Network Paradigm?

15:30-16:00 IoT as a game changer: Manage the disruption in your favor
Oliver Niedung, Microsoft
With the Internet of Things, every company becomes a software company - and each company will have to go through the same learning curve. In this session, we will have a holistic view at IoT implementations. From a family of devices to the hybrid cloud, visualization of data, machine learning to the creation of new services, to empower everybody to manage the digital disruption in your favor.

16:00-16:30 Contributing to the renaissance of Star Wars – Developing Star Wars Battlefront
Sigurlína Valgerður Ingvarsdóttir, DICE
The session will explain the process of creating a AAA video game in the world‘s biggest entertainment IP in collaboration with Lucasfilm and the challenges and opportunities of such a collaboration.

16:30-17:00 Customer Engagement Will Accelerate to the Speed of Digital Business
Don Scheibenreif, Gartner
 The future of business is being led by customers. Advancements in digital technologies are dramatically lowering barriers of entry to digital business. Today’s customers have the ability to rapidly and easily influence new business models. This keynote examines digital business and its importance, predict how customer engagement will change when people, business, and the internet of things interact, and discuss how you can take advantage of this exciting future.