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Staðsetning: Kaldalón

 Valgerður Hrund Skúladóttir, Sensa
(Project Management)
13:00-13:30 Scaling an Organization Designed to Learn
Gunnar Hólmsteinn Guðmundsson, Plain Vanilla Games / QuizUp
Good work is amplified with a great process, yet we tend to share the products of that process, rather than process itself.  Gunnar will share, with the UTmessa audience, what he's learned from the rapid growth of QuizUp. The focus will be on what is happening behind the scenes and how QuizUp has designed an organizational culture that values trust, transparency and fast learning.
13:35-14:05 NLS – Growing Pains
Gauti Guðmundsson, NovomaticLS
 This talk will focus on the past 2 years, what lessons have been learned in the transformation the company is going through, what steps have been taken in order to cope with the changes and what has been done in order to minimize impact on teams and projects.
14:10-14:40 Early identification of risk and value drivers in large software projects with an Interaction Room
Matthias Book, HÍ
This session introduces the concept of an Interaction Room where business, technical and management stakeholders sketch and discuss their project’s most critical business processes, data structures and system components in a pragmatic way that deliberately eschews formal correctness and completeness in favor of getting everyone to the table and fostering a joint understanding of the project’s scope and challenges.