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Transforming IT and cloud deployments through GitOps practices

Transforming IT infrastructure, cloud development and provisioning through GitOps practices for increased deployment flexibility and agility. How cloud infrastructure is increasingly defined through code supported by devops processes, especially GitOps, as a branch of devops, enabling process driven infrastructure development.

Ólafur Ingþórsson, Origo
Sr. cloud consultant
Ferilskrá (BIO)
Olafur is a Sr. Cloud Consultant at Origo. He focuses on cloud strategy and helping organizations leverage and adopt cloud technologies, especially in hyperscaler environments, including AWS and Azure. Managing cloud transformation and migration projects utilizing devops processes and infrastructure as code practices. For over 20 years, Olafur has held various roles in IT management, including with CCP, Greenqloud/NetApp and Siminn. Olafur has a MS in Technology Management from the University of Maryland and BS in Industrial Engineering from the Reykjavik University methodologies for accelerating deployment processes and developing code based IT infrastructure practices