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Practical info for exhibitors

Note that the Expo space is sold in October.

Exhibition booths

The assigned booth is only floor space with access to electricity and wireless internet (Wi-Fi). Exhibitors themselves have to provide the items (chairs, tables, back walls, multi-links, markings and other items ) they want in the exhibition booth. Equipment can be rented from several companies in Iceland such as Merking, Recon and Sýningakerfi

Booths must not be higher than 3 meters and a maximum of 2 meters in few places where fire protection tents are in Harpa (those who are there receive special mail about it).

Exhibitor floor space size:

  • Platinum = 8*2 meters
  • Gold = 5*2 meters
  • Silver = 3*2 meters
  • Bronz = 3*2 meters
  • Startup = 2*2 meters

The floorplan in the Expo area is here.

Setup of booths in the exhibition area is on Thursday from 8 - 17.

Harpa has security from Thursday until Saturday but everyone should take with them small objects, that can easily be stolen, when the area is closed. Don't leave them unattended between days.

UTmessan is a computer and technical exhibition and exhibitors are encouraged to provide fun technical stuff rather than sweets and food. Having quizes and games related to technology is more fun and makes people want to stop and hear about technology rather than just give candy.

Exhibitors may bring refreshments such as candy to offer in their booths but try to keep packaging to a minimum to reduce junk and also to keep the exhibition area tidy. Items that can cause mess like popcorn are not allowed. It is recommended to give more technical stuff than candy.

It is not allowed to have alcoholic beverages in the booths unless it is bought directly from Harpa Conference Center. 

Exhibitors must take each other into account and limit loud noise and show professionalism in communicating with other exhibitors.

The expo area is open both on Friday and on Saturday and exhibitor is obliged to have the booth open for both days.
The exhibition is open on Friday from around 9 o‘clock until 17 and on Saturday people start coming to UTmessan at 10 o‘clock so everyone has to be at the booths at that time. 
UTmessan closes at five pm on Saturday and at that time the booths shall be taken down and everything has to be taken out of Harpa. Take away all the rubbish or throw it in Harpa's rubbish containers and leave the space as clean as possible.

Conference and EXPO passes

Exhibition sponsorship includes the following number of passes:

  • Platinum - 6 conference passes and 4 EXPO passes
  • Gold - 4 conference passes and 3 EXPO passes
  • Silver - 1 conference passe and 2 EXPO passes
  • Bronz - 1 conference passe and 2 EXPO passes
  • Startup - 2 EXPO passes

Conference pass includes access to conference rooms, exhibition area, coffee, lunch and UTmessan party.
Exhibitors must register everyone who is going to attend the conference in this registration form (also for the passes that are included with the sponsorship). Do this as soon as possible before the conference is sold out.

EXPO pass includes access to exhibition area, coffee, lunch and UTmessan party (not access to the conference rooms).
This pass is registered to the exhibitor/company. It is valid for the holder and can therefore switch between shifts in the booth during the day.
If Exhibitors want more EXPO passes than is included in the sponsorship they can buy extra EXPO passe.

Staff in EXPO booths

People working in the booth must have either Conference pass or EXPO pass to have access to the EXPO area.

On Saturday, staff in the booths will have access to a room with coffee and chairs to rest. Exhibitors must provide their people other refreshments.

Conference Guests Info - Lead Collection

Conference guests at UTmessan will have a badge with their information in a QR code.  The QR code is a “Business card” of the vCard 3.0 standard and contains information about guest name, company and email address.

Exhibitioners can scan this QR code (with the guest's permission) to gather information electronically about their booth visitors. You can f.ex. scan the QR code with a cell phone and then save the information into the contacts list on the phone or download a "Badge Scanner" app to scan QR codes and collect contact information.

Here is an example of the QR code on conference guest badges:

QR code example