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How to start testing in TaaS project

Start a new project is always a challenge. Starting TaaS projects, where the development team is already working is always a challenge. As test engineers, we try to embed into existing process and tune it for our needs, but at the same time, we have to remember that people don't want to change their processes. During the presentation, we will talk about test management activities that should be done before TaaS project start, right after and during the POC period to balance between mandatory things and team mood.

Oleksandra Starykova, Itera
Director of QA and Test department
Ferilskrá (BIO)
Oleksandra has 10+ years of practical experience in Software Testing and Quality Assurance.
She is working in Itera for 6 years. Started as a Senior Test Engineer and Project Coordinator in one of Itera's projects and currently obtaining the position - Director of QA and Test department, and being responsible for QA and test engineers in Ukraine and Poland.
Expert in software testing, test management and test process setup from scratch.
Oleksandra has worked on several large and medium-sized projects in 3 companies.
Conducted lectures on QA & Software testing for students in 3 Ukrainian universities.
Is ISTQB certified