The future is already here. How do we tame the beast?

Last decades have been like nothing we’ve seen before in terms of new technology and innovation. We’re entering a new era. Industrial revolution 5.0.  Like with any industrial revolution the 5.0 IR is about unleashing a new kind of power. I’m not talking about a new groundbreaking technology. I’m talking about the power of purpose driven organizations that are willing to take ideas and technology to a whole new level because the future is already here.

Ingibjörg Lilja Þórmundsdóttir, Orgz
Organizational and leadership coach
Ferilskrá (BIO)
I'm a very passionate geek and a humanist. My passion is to empower people, teams and organizations to become stronger, faster and more successful in a sustainable way.
I have broad experience working with leadership within tech, both here in Iceland and for international companies. I’m a co-founder of Orgz, organizational and leadership coaching, a board member of Women in tech Iceland and the director of the board at Rafal ehf.
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