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UTmessan agenda 2022

UTmessan includes many events and all of them support the goal of UTmessan. The goal is to highlight the importance of information technology and its effects on individuals, businesses and Icelandic society alike and to see a significant increase in the number of students who choose technical disciplines in universities across the country and especially in computer science.

All the main computer and technology companies in Iceland take part in UTmessan and the agenda starts with UTmessan days where schools and companies at UTmessan offer fun events and information for everyone, then is the UTmessan conference day with an exhibition for conference guests and finally UTmessan tech day intended for the general public of all ages.

The plan is to have UTmessan days and the conference day and EXPO, but the tech day for the public will have a different format this time.

UTmessan days
UTmessan days

Pop-up events where IT companies and schools invite people to take part in all kinds of activites related to tech.
Conference day
Conference and EXPO

Conference day in Harpa and EXPO for IT professionals.

The conference is for everyone who is interested in computer and technology and wants to know what the companies in the exhibition area have to offer.

Conference agenda as PDF


Tech day
Tech day

Exhibition open to the public where guests can visit schools and IT companies and attend events that hopefully generates interest of the younger generations in the IT branch.

A free experience for the whole family in the world of technology.